Super Amazing Perfectly Timed Moments In 110 Photos

These are the top notch perfectly time photos and it is very certain that you are going to be in awe after going through this list. Although, some are kind of funny, misleading and very attractive but at the end of it all you are going to like the shot.

Let’s roll…

Caroline Wozniacki Stuffing Her Stuff

Wow… this looks pretty damn cool. It is just as if it got over-large. Hum, that’s just how it was when this shot was taken. Her motive was to try and enhance it to be like that of Serena Williams’.

What the heck?

Hmm… what the heck is the little boy doing? Oops…like father like son.

Super Fail

This made everyone to be in shock. Come to think of it, this is the very first time such a super fail occurs in sports. What a fail indeed.

Hammer Time

Hmm. This stature looks pretty much funny and interesting. I guess you might be wondering what the end result could be but that’s just a stature and it signifies the intelligence of Pigeons.

Who is this?

Ahahaha… she is a very interesting and funny woman.

What is this???

Should we be laughing? Ahahahaha. This is really a crazy shot.

Selfie in a train?

This guy has really gone nuts. Taking selfie in a train? This is very ridiculous.


Shout shout shout and let it all out.

Sweet Team Effort

I know most guys would love to be in such team. Yeah… even I wish I am in same team

Take it easy

I know you are pretty amazed at what this pretty damsel is doing. Ooops… le her take it easy.


What… this is weigh much.

Back swing crazy

This is really going to end up very bad

She is really COOL

This is what I call a cool. Lol.

Prove It.

What is going on? Lol… this is really something else. How could she put almost all part of her hands in her mouth.

Move over JR

Hey junior this is not for you… it is for the real women. Up real women.

Monkey Sees Something

This monkey will be my friend if he tells me what he saw.

Sure she is very excited

Wow. She really looks much like an alien.


Who Said Synchronized Swimming Wasn’t Elegant? Is really wrong.

Super Talent.

This is simply super talent.

The Perfect Dispensary

Women has a very sweet dispensary. Cool.

Practice makes perfection.

Though it didn’t go well for her though. Lol.

Mama T-Rex

Not really going to go well for the baby having such a momma.

Super perfect shot.

This is very great and a very timed shot.

Toy cars.

This is incredible.

Shadow Connection

This is really sweet. Oh my o..

Crazy For a Man

Some guys just never grow up. They always have to jump on the bed. Or this is the coolest hotel ever and they invented zero gravity hotel rooms.


Three bucks stand in perfect alignment appearing as one three-headed stag. During the mating season, bucks use their antlers to fight one another for the opportunity to attract mates in a given herd. Bucks will charge head on and lock antlers allowing them to wrestle until the stronger buck emerges.


Oh… is this jet kissing for real. This is really something else.

Hum..What’s this???

People think the moon is revolving around the earth, but little do they know it’s actually craned up into the sky every night. But the real questions is where are they hiding it during the day?

What a Splash

She was having such a good day dancing and enjoying the concert when things took a turn for the worst. Watch out there are people out there that can’t handle other people having more fun than them, and believe you deserve a drink to the face. Such a shame.

The great Lightening

The iconic statue of Christ that sits high atop Rio de Janeiro was struck by lightning during a storm in early 2014. The right thumb was chipped by the lightning strike. The statue had just undergone a $4 million dollar renovation in 2010.

Another T-rex Arm

Mario Lopez Jr. is an American actor and host known for being physically fit. But these days it looks like Mario really needs to work on his right arm. There’s a little T-Rex arm poking through.

Olympic Indeed

The five colors of the rings along with the normal white backdrop combine to represent the colors of every nation, with no exceptions. On this occasion, at the 2012 games in London the moon showed up as a sixth ring. Maybe to represent the missing white color?

Shocking Fire

An car engulfed in flames amazingly takes on the shape of a bunny. Don’t be fooled and go pet it though!

Well Timed

This Bridesmaid is having too much fun in the bride and groom’s photo shoot.

Perhaps she ha shad a little too much to drink and the reception hasn’t even started yet!

Slay Bride

Slay it bride. What a perfect shot.

Sweet Honeymoon

What a vacation for a honeymoon. You’ve got the beautiful ocean behind a beautiful bride, what more could you ask for?

No Groom?

What a beautiful bride but why the sad face? No groom? Too bad.

Lazy Groom…

They probably should’ve waited until the honeymoon to start playing hide and seek. Why does the best man seem all too used to this position?

Shh… Take it Easy

Here we have some people in the South of the US that are still stuck in the past.

The Confederacy is over guys.

She has gone really drunk.

What the heck is she up to this time… Hmm. I am shock.

Not the perfect wedding

We’ll only have one glass of wine…

We all know which people in the group of friends are like this at every wedding.

What is the bridesmaid up to?

Doesn’t know who to focus on at a wedding.

I wonder why he is so distracted by the maid of honor?

Sweet Bride

When you’re trying to fit in with everyone from the other Districts but you’re from the Capital.

Hunger Games 4 here she comes.

Cool Couple

Yea. This is a true definition of perfection.

Heroic Bride

“Hey Honey! Let’s go hunting on our wedding day!”

Said very few couples ever.

Nice Wedding

Guess what… his best man is super girl. This is really comedy.

What is this???

I’m always excited to see which one wears the suit.

” Bride #1, you may now kiss Bride #2″ – Confused Pastor

Nice Swimsuit

This is a very perfect shot.

Not Good

This happy couple is comprised of 84-year-old Ivan Krasko and 24-year-old Natalia Shevel, his former student. That’s right – Krasko is old enough to be her grandfather. Age is nothing but a number, right?

Great Show off

What a great showoff


So disappointed seeing this shot.


Take it damn easy man.

Not Bad

Okay, whose brilliant idea was this? You just know it has to be the photographer. There is no way they stepped into those porta-potties and said “this looks like a great place for a photoshoot!”. What a crappy wedding photo.


Georgina of the jungle over here looks like she was really enjoying the photo shoot. Though it is a bit weird that it’s taking place in some sketchy park in the woods. To each their own. Watch out for that tetanus.

Who Is This???

That’s a strong woman right there. I’ve never seen a bride make a wedding dress look hardcore before. Classy and strong, what a combination. They look like they couldn’t be happier.


Very interesting

Simple Fact

Holy cow, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this wedding is in Russia. There’s no way it isn’t. Nobody brings a bear to a wedding. And no, your uncle Bernie doesn’t count


This traditional part of the wedding is normally harmless, but when you are in some weird, super public place, it can get awkward quickly. Are they at Disneyland for god sake? How many passerby are you letting attend your wedding? Why is she on her cell phone? Lots of questions…

What The Heck Is She Doing

“I’m Free!!!!” This is one of the more epic picture in this gallery. It seems as though wild thang wanted to show everyone that she was a complete virgin until today (her big day). It looks like she is even on a stage with a huge projector screen behind her. The grooms buddies better call him in the morning to make sure he is still himself. Odds say he will be a changed man.


This wedding photo may take the cake when it comes to pure WTF. We have a seemingly attractive, clean cut, and clothed bride, dancing with a super tatted, naked ginger buff guy, with a face that could be mistaken for Marilyn Manson.’s. Did I mention he is in a man thong? Turns out he’s a semi-famous Russian body builder, named Sasha Shpak. Known for his freaky eccentric look and preference to wear minimal clothing…. as you can see.


To my knowledge, choosing the perfect wedding dress is probably the the most important part of the wedding to women. It has to fit perfectly and some brides even go on crazy diets to fit in their dress. They at the least, make sure it fits their bodies properly. This bride is not your normal bride…

Am Confused

What a perfectly timed photograph, props to whoever took this picture. Now the question is, what the hell is going on here. This guy has a beautiful new wife next to him, clearly trying to get his attention and there some one else face down in his lap, and they appear to be of the female gender. There are so many possibilities of what is really going on. What do you guys think is happening right at this very moment? Besides that the bride has some major cleavage action going on.

Dopest Bride

Now this is my kind of wedding reception! She is either the dopest bride ever, or one of the scariest, most crazy women in the world. Either way, that must have been an epic wedding rager. Any wedding with kegs is a good wedding in my book.

Take It Easy

We all know weddings can get out of hand (just look at this gallery). However this perfectly caught photo shows this family can have some fun. Grandma and one of the bridesmaids are getting freaky. Grandma doesn’t need to stand to get down. “Look Ma’, No Legs!” This would have been a perfect wedding to crash.

Ouch… It Itches

Now what are the chances that this photographer happened to be snapping photos of the wedding party, and the two bridesmaids walking next to each other simultaneously pick the thong wedgies , left handed? Classic awkward wedding moment, making for a classic perfectly timed photo.

Colorful Wedding

Well isn’t this a very classy wedding but it’s colorful. There is absolutely no coordination in dress color or style. However they did coordinate their actual bodies parts, which is most important right? They are all rocking the same orange fake tan and same skunk dyed hair. We will still never know why that was okay in our society.

Oh No Honey…. Stop It

Lol, that moment she realizes that she married a gay… she was like ‘what the hell am I seeing’. Lol.


Well this must have been a wild night. It also must have been awesome to be the wedding photographer at this venue. The face on the girl underneath (we will call her the horse in this situation, since she is being ridden by the cowboy bride) is priceless. She is most likely one of the bridesmaids and possibly the little sister of the bride. Yee-Haw!!

Too Bad

Well this wedding did not happen as planned according to this photo. As you can see these (either newlyweds or engaged couple that were supposed to be newlyweds) are surrounded by Police. The groom is being arrested with handcuffs, face down, and the bride looks to heading in that same direction. How would it feel to get arrested on your wedding day? It goes from the best day of your life to the worst.

Hey… Little Boy What Are You Doing???

This little boy’s curiosity has started pretty darn young. It looks like he would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for this perfectly timed photo by some talented photographer. The bride has no idea what so ever. Think he got a good look?

Who Is The Right Man???

This wedding party knows how to have a good time. This hilarious photo has caught them with their pants down and these girls seem to have a nice view from their spot in the shot. Now everyone is going to want groom underwear for their wedding! Hmm, do the girls have on matching underwear?


Now this is one bouquet toss we wouldn’t mind watching over and over again. In fact, all the wedding attendees were probably like, “just wait a little longer, they are busy”. The girls lined up to catch it seem a bit preoccupied with themselves. Also why are there only three girls lined up the catch it? I guess it improves their odds. Check out the old guy taking a photos or a video of the action. He knows what he’s doing.

Fake Groom

The real moment all the wedding guests had been waiting for. Some hammered member of the wedding party face plants on the tile floor!!! Once again, check out the photo timing of this hard slam to the floor, it’s almost like he anticipated it. Rob Dyrdek would call this a half-scorpion.


This shot is a perfect definition of awkwardness


What a sharp hyper dog


Another example of parents who aren’t ready

Crazy Shot

This shot us crazily funny


Very silly

What Can You Even Say Here?

Lol. Just speechless

Super Nice

Nice perfect shot

I Don’t Like Sharks

Oops… but they are all over you.

Both Of These Selfies Are Fantastic

They are really fantastic

It’s Always The Background Characters

Very nice shot

You Shouldn’t Have Bought Him It!

Funny Dad.

Rich People Are Horrible

Nice shot this is.

The One Selfie That Was Worth It

The One Selfie That Was Worth It

So Cute It Hurts

So Cute It Hurts… Lol

Who Picks Chicken?

Who Picks Chicken?

I Can’t Blame Him

I Can’t Blame Him

What a Genius

This guy is a badass genius.



Reading Too Much Into It

Reading Too Much Into It

Wham – Everything She Wants


What an escape

Lol. Nice escape


She looks so sweet and well-shaped. Perfectly timed shot.

Crazy Fan

This fan has gone crazy badly. She is on heat I guess.

With the waves

Perfectly timed. She looks so sweet with the waves.

Nice Outfit

This is one of the most amazing cake wedding dress ever! Nice shot.