The Most Puke worthy Wrestling Moments Of All Time


For World Wrestling Entertainment, having great storylines and compelling characters are very essential for getting folks to enjoy their product. From Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre The Giant in the main event of “Wrestlemania III” to The Rock and John Cena facing each other for the very first time at “WrestleMania XXVIII,” there are moments that will stand the test of time.

Some moments, however, are so horrible that the WWE and its fanbase would like to forget they even happened. Some of these moments left people either cringing or outraged. We take a look at 20 of the worst segments that have ever been aired on WWE programming.

Val Venis’ Giving the Chop


Source: High Times

On the August 3, 1998 episode of “Raw Is War,” Val Venis was involved with a storyline against Kaientai. His tag team partner Taka Michinoku turned his back on him, which led to Venus being tied up backstage and having his “specials” nearly cleaved by Yamaguchi-San’s sword. Luckily, he was saved by John Wayne Bobbitt, who certainly knew a thing or two about this situation.

Suicidal Hawk


Source: WWE

Road Warrior Hawk was involved in an angle where he was going through alcohol addiction and feeling suicidal. During this period, Puke was added as a third member of the Legion of Doom. On an episode of “Raw Is War,” Hawk climbed the top of the Titantron, and Puke was sent to save him. Instead, Puke pushed him off the Titantron, which led to this moment to be called “Puke killed Hawk.” Behind the scenes, Hawk, who was going through real-life drug and alcohol addiction at the time, was completely against the storyline.

Lunchtime Suicide


Source: Sportskeeda

At the 2005 “Armageddon” PPV, the WWE caused a ton of controversy when it ran an angle involving referee Tim White committing suicide in a bar. For some unknown reason, they figured this would be a great weekly bit. “Lunchtime Suicide” was born, and the segment featured White committing suicide in various ways. This would easily become one of the worst things the WWE has ever done.

Billy & Chuck’s Wedding


Source: The Sportster

The marriage of tag team partners Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo received a ton of buzz, and that’s exactly what the WWE wanted. On the September 12, 2002 episode of “Smackdown,” the two admitted that the fake wedding was a publicity stunt. Obviously, this ticked off GLAAD, who were originally told that Billy & Chuck would actually get married.

Eddie Gilbert’s Broken Neck


Source: Armpit Wrestling

In 1983, Eddie Gilbert was involved in a car accident, which resulted in a broken neck for the wrestler. Several months later, he returned to the WWE to face the Masked Superstar. During the match, Gilbert was forced to do a spot where the Masked Superstar would break his neck in the match. This was in poor taste at the time, but now, these kind of fake injury angles are commonplace.

Vince McMahon Fakes His Own Death


Source: Cageside Seats

On June 11, 2007, Vince McMahon was announced dead after his limo blew up at the end of “Monday Night Raw.” The story line was set to last several months, but the real life death of wrestler Chris Benoit later that month caused them to drop the angle. Vince would return to the ring in August.

Who’s Hornswoggle’s Daddy?


Source: The Sportster

On August 6, 2007, a storyline about Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son began on “Monday Night Raw.” The following month, it was revealed that Hornswoggle was his illegitimate son. In February 2008, it was revealed that the whole illegitimate son thing was a scam. For many fans, this storyline was rather boring. Unfortunately for them, it ran until “WrestleMania XXIV.”

Custody Of Dominick


Source: WWE

After Eddie Guerrero turned on his partner Rey Mysterio, he revealed a deep secret to the whole world: Mysterio’s son Dominick was really Eddie’s. This awkward angle culminated in the infamous ladder match at the 2005 “Summerslam” PPV where custody papers replaced the usual championship belt at the top.

The Vince McMahon “Kiss My -” Club


Source: The Sportster

Those who wanted to get back into the good graces of Vince McMahon would have to join his infamous “Kiss My Ass” club. In total, six people have joined the club, including his own son Shane. This segment was proclaimed to be very childish, and luckily, it hasn’t been done in the ring since 2008.


Al Snow Eats His Dog


Source: Smirfitt Speech

When his mannequin Head was destroyed, Al Snow adopted a chihuahua named Pepper. The Big Boss Man kidnapped the dog, which sparked a feud between the two competitors. During an episode of “Smackdown,” Snow was invited to Big Boss Man’s hotel for some dinner. Unfortunately, his meal for that evening was Pepper.

Boogeyman Eats A Mole


Source: WWE

Jillian Hall made her WWE debut as a fixer for the team MNM. The one thing that stood out was her huge mole, which she referred to as a blemish. She became JBL’s image consultant and became a part of his feud with The Boogeyman. On an episode of “Smackdown,” The Boogeyman bit off her mole in the middle of the ring.

Mae Young In A Bikini


Source: Gamespot

At the 2000 “Royal Rumble” PPV, there was a bikini contest between Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline, Barbara Bush, Luna Vachon, and The Kat. Legendary women’s wrestler Mae Young, who was 76 at the time, showed up at the last minute to compete. While she showed off her bikini, she flashed her breasts, which led to shock around Madison Square Garden. In reality, she was wearing a prosthesis and wasn’t really exposing herself.

Mae Young Announces Pregnancy


Source: WWE

During a taping of “Smackdown” on January 25, 2000, Too Cool took on the team of Godfather & D'Lo Brown. The match quickly turned into a dance-off, but it would be shortly interrupted by Mae Young announcing that she was pregnant with Mark Henry’s baby. Obviously, this disturbed several people in the arena and at home.

Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand


Source: Gamespot

During an episode of “Raw Is War” on February 28th, 2000, Mae Young went into labor and gave birth to a human hand. This whole storyline managed to turn off several viewers. On the 1,000 episode of “Raw” on July 23, 2012, Mae Young made a surprise appearance with son Hand.

Big Show’s Father’s Funeral


Source: WWE

The Big Boss Man hated The Big Show. When the giant athlete found out that his father died, Boss Man gave a memorable promo attacking his loss. During the funeral, Boss Man barged in and towed away the coffin. Angered by these actions, The Big Show clinged onto it for miles.

Muhammed Hassan


Source: Goliath

There is no doubt that Mohammed Hassan would’ve been one of the biggest characters in WWE history. In a post-9/11 world, the Arab-American wrestler faced off against top talent such as Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Batista. During a storyline with The Undertaker, Hassan sent out four masked men with clubs to attack the wrestler. Unfortunately, this segment was taped three days before the 2005 London bombings. There was a warning placed before the segment when it aired on TV, but it wasn’t enough to get backlash from the New York Post and Variety. The Muhammad Hassan character would be removed from TV.Vince McMahon has faced all of the top guys in the WWE, so he decided to look for a challenge elsewhere. He decided to face God at the 2006 “Backlash” PPV in a tag team match. Many religious people found this angle offensive. Shawn Michaels, who was God’s tag team partner and a born again Christian, agreed to the angle, which surprised many in the back.

Lita’s Pregnancy


Source: Wrestling Forum

Lita is one of the most influential female wrestlers of all time. But she did manage to hit an awkward speedbump in her career in 2004. When Matt Hardy tried to propose to Lita after she revealed her pregnancy, Kane proclaimed that he was the father of her baby. This led to a Til Death Do Us Part match at the 2004 “Summer Slam” PPV, which awarded the winner the right to marry Lita. Kane won, and the two had their marriage ceremony on “Raw.” On the September 13, 2004 episode of “Raw,” Lita had a miscarriage after Gene Snitsky forced Kane to fall on her. This storyline was one of the worst that year.

Kurt Angle’s Predator Behavior


Source: WWE

In 2005, Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman made her WWE debut as valet to real-life husband Booker T. Kurt Angle, who was coming off being the GM of “Smackdown.” Angle started to have a sexual predator gimmick, and Sharmell was his subject. For months, he harassed her, and he even tried to force himself upon her during a match at the 2005 “Judgment Day” PPV. The whole ordeal left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

That Heidenreich & Michael Cole Segment


Source: The Sportster

It’s really hard to explain how the infamous Heidenreich & Michael Cole segment made it onto network television. On an episode of “Smackdown,” Heidenreich would trap Cole in the restroom and proceed to sexually assault him in one of the most uncomfortable moments in WWE history. The strangest thing is that Vince McMahon reportedly came up with the segment in his sleep.