Meet Trump’s Sizzling Wife Melania Who Is Simply Seven Years Elder To Trump’s Oldest Son!!

As Americans try to come to terms with the astonishing fact that Donald Trump is next U.S. president, curiosity about the woman who might be America’s First Lady is growing. In this post, we will have a glimpse of her. For your information Trump is married thrice and his third wife is Melania Trump who is an International model and 24 years younger to him!! Here are her stunning pics…

She started her modeling career at the age of 16. Melania has her own skin care and jewelry line and she speaks 5 languages, German, French, English, Serbian and Slovenian.

She met Donald in 1998 when he separated from his 2nd wife Marla. Both of them got married in 2005. Donald has 5 children, 3 from 1st wife Ivana, 1 from 2nd wife Marles and 1 from Melania.


She is just 7 years elder to Trump’s eldest son!



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