How dealing The Most Tragic Gun Accidents Ever In Usa


One of the biggest debates currently raging in the USA is over gun control. There are two very vocal sides of the argument: one that wants less gun control and more freedom and one that wants tougher gun laws in this country. The fact that Donald Trump has been elected to be President (and is supported by the NRA) definitely can be seen as a win for gun supporters. However, whatever side you are on, there is one thing that we can all agree on, and that is that guns have caused some horrific accidents throughout the years.

Becca Campbell Shoots Herself


This is perhaps the most ironic entry on this list. Rebecca Campbell bought a gun before the Ferguson grand jury verdict, in case things got out of control. While her boyfriend drove her around through the riots, she “jokingly” waved a gun around at protestors, which caused her boyfriend to duck and get into an accident. When they crashed, the gun went off and she killed herself as a result.

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