How dealing The Most Tragic Gun Accidents Ever In Usa

One of the biggest debates currently raging in the USA is over gun control. There are two very vocal sides of the argument: one that wants less gun control and more freedom and one that wants tougher gun laws in this country. The fact that Donald Trump has been elected to be President (and is supported by the NRA) definitely can be seen as a win for gun supporters. However, whatever side you are on, there is one thing that we can all agree on, and that is that guns have caused some horrific accidents throughout the years.

Becca Campbell Shoots Herself



This is perhaps the most ironic entry on this list. Rebecca Campbell bought a gun before the Ferguson grand jury verdict, in case things got out of control. While her boyfriend drove her around through the riots, she “jokingly” waved a gun around at protestors, which caused her boyfriend to duck and get into an accident. When they crashed, the gun went off and she killed herself as a result.

Three-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Her Mother



This is a completely horrible thing that took place just before Thanksgiving last year. A woman was killed by her 3-year-old when he found her gun hidden under the couch. She was changing the diaper of her other child when her son shot and killed her by accident. This is an obvious example of the horror that can come from irresponsible gun ownership.

Dennis Emery Shoots Self In Face


Source: mediaite

A man in Florida was deranged, and threatening to kill his wife’s dog. He was trying to pull the hammer back (while looking directly into the barrel of the gun) and accidentally shot himself in the face. He died as a result of the completely boneheaded move, which cost him his life.

Man Shoots Himself in the Privates



As a man, I can’t think of a worse place to be shot than in the groin. A man attempted to put his gun in his holster and accidentally shot himself in the privates. Instead of going to the hospital, he actually drove to a friends house, only to find the bullet had exited from his rear.

Toddler Shoots Toddler


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One weapon enthusiast and gun seller probably wishes he didn’t used to have so many guns laying around. One of the guns he sold was actually used by a 4-year-old neighbor to shoot his own 3-year-old child. He had a bad habit of leaving his guns out in the open where children could get them.

Professor Shoots Himself in the Foot


Source: washingtonpost

We like to think that professors are smart enough not to carry guns to school, but that apparently is not always the case. At Idaho State, an unnamed professor was carrying a concealed gun in his pocket and during a lecture and it went off and shot him right in the foot. That couldn’t have felt very good.

Florida Man Shoots Himself in the Behind


Source: motherjones

Now this would not be an easy one to explain to your family or the hospital. A man from Florida accidently shot himself in the behind, which didn’t kill him, but probably hurt a lot. He dropped his gun, which shot as soon as it hit the ground and struck him right in the rear. Ouch!

Jose Canseco Blows His Finger Off


Source: defamer.gawker

Jose Canseco has made headlines for a number of different things, but this one has to take the cake. He accidentally shot himself in the hand while cleaning his gun, which left his middle finger on his left hand barely hanging on. It was eventually fixed up, but this was still a very close call.

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself, Kills Dog


Source: alternet

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and we never like to see them get hurt or killed. But unfortunately, that happens in this story. A Michigan man accidently shot himself in the hand, but he was not the only victim. When the bullet exited his hand, it killed his beloved pet as well.

Nine-Year-Old Girl Shoots Her Gun Instructor


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Let’s face it; there is no reason a nine-year-old should handle an automatic weapon. But in Arizona, a gun instructor was teaching a little girl to fire an Uzi. When she shot ahead, the recoil led the gun to point upwards, shooting and killing her instructor on the spot.

Iowa Cops Shoots Himself and Another Officer


Source: rawstory

Cleaning a gun is normally a safe thing to do, as long as the gun isn’t loaded. An Iowa police officer accidentally let a gun discharge while cleaning it that not only hit him but also his partner. They both made full recoveries, but we’re guessing they thought twice the next time they had to do some weapon maintenance.

Man Gets a Tattoo and Leaves His Daughter with a Gun


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When he left his 11-year-old daughter at home to go and get a tattoo, John Ruiz decided to leave her a gun for protection. But instead of staying home, she took the gun with her to the pool. Thankfully, she didn’t shoot or kill anyone, but this story could have had a much more horrific ending.

Police Academy Training Accident



A 73-year-old woman showed up to a Florida police station in order to learn to become a community steward. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t leave. During a role-playing exercise, the woman was fatally shot. The officer’s gun was supposed to have a blank, but it had a live round.

Man Shoots Niece in the Face


Source: salon

It should come as no surprise that it is not recommended to be handling guns around infants. No matter how much of a pro you are, accidents happen. On Christmas Day last year, a man was cleaning his gun when all of a sudden, it went off and shot his two-year-old niece in the face. Thankfully, she didn’t die as a result of this horrific accident.

Woman Shoots at a Sound


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We have all heard something go bump in the night and been very afraid. However, the last thing a sane person should do is simply shoot a gun in the dark in the direction of the sound. Unfortunately, that is exactly what this woman did. Instead Woman Injures Herself and Kills Her Daughter

Gun Range Shooting Accident


Source: lehighvalleylive

There is likely no tragedy like actually killing your own son. Well, that is exactly the heartbreak and struggle that a father in Florida went through. While the family was celebrating July 4th at a gun range, a shell fell on and hit the man, which burned him and caused him to flinch and accidentally shoot his own son.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Death



Taking some shots at clay pigeons in a controlled environment is normally extremely safe and a great time. However, accidents can always occur when guns are involved. A man in his 60s was a member of a shooting club and accidentally ended his own life when his gun accidentally discharged.

Famous Band Member’s Wife Accidentally Kills Herself



The Eagles are without a doubt one of the most popular bands ever. Unfortunately, they have also had to deal with a fair amount of tragedy. The wife of band member Randy Meisner was killed by a rifle. However, nobody shot her; she actually managed to accidentally fire the gun while moving it, which led to her death.

Death of Brandon Lee


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Brandon Lee is the son of the world famous Bruce Lee. While Lee was acting on the set of The Crow, he was shot and killed. The gun was supposed to fire a blank at him for a scene. However, the gun had been previously loaded with dummy cartridges for a different scene and they got stuck in the barrel. When the gun went off in the scene, the blanks that were stuck were propelled out, and one killed Lee. This was huge news and is one of the most famous movie set accidents in history.


A Georgia mother is dealing with some major tragedy after accidently killing her eight-year-old daughter. While she was braiding her daughter’s hair, a gun accidently fell down and discharged. The gun shot her in the foot, and then shot her daughter in the head, and she died before she could be airlifted.

of hitting an intruder, she killed her 27-year-old daughter who was home for the holidays.