16 Celebrities That Are Really Kind Hearted 


We often think of celebrities as selfish bastards that spend their money on extravagant ways of creating luxury barriers between the fans and their high-life. However, this is not always the case, and at least some celebs are kind-hearted even when the on-screen good guy/girl role ends.

From simple acts of decency to donations in the range of millions, many ways exist to express gratitude and give back to the people and communities that held you on their shoulders towards success. Smart celebs acknowledge that they would be nowhere if it were not for simple folks like you and me tuning in to enjoy their performance.

Yes, you can say that many works of charity are just publicity stunts. Nevertheless, when you get down to details and learn that they spent hours in a row discussing simple things and acting like normal people, you underhand that deep down inside, where no spotlight can reach, a golden heart beats for what matters the most.

1. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

via The Zoom

Tom Hanks made us all laugh, cry, and experience all other emotions in between as Forrest Gump.

When acting is not on the agenda, Hanks engages in charity work or supports beautiful causes. The actor has donated impressive sums to NGOs involved with children support and AIDS prevention and treatment. He is also one of the many stars that made a pledge to fight against global warming by investing in electric cars and renewable sources of energy.

However, there a causal side of Tom Hanks only people that met him in real life and outside his official endeavors get to know.

While on vacation in Fargo, North Dakota, Tom Hanks took the time to accept a fan’s invitation of faking drunk photos. I mean, you are one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood (more than $8 billion worldwide), and you accept such a strange request from someone you barely knew and don’t want as a drinking buddy.

You have to be incredibly generous to do that!

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